Lottery Sambad Results 11:00 AM, 04:00 PM & 08:00 PM PDF

Lottery Sambad Results Today 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM PDF Online!

Lottery Sambad Results: Lottery Sambad 2020 is a very popular lottery game like Sikkim and Mizoram state lottery in India. It is an online website where all information about lotteries is available for the users. This website is updated on a daily bases.

Lottery Sambad Results Toady


Many people are fond of playing lottery games. Nowadays, there are many interesting versions of the sambad lottery. Their names are also interesting and complimentary. These are Dear Lottery Sambad, Ajkal Lottery Sambad, Lottery Sambad Today, Dear Evening Lottery Sambad and much more.

Timings of Lottery Sambad Result:

As you know the Lottery of Sambad has three different draw timings. But the New Lottery Players do not know the actual timings of this Wonderful Lottery system.

The First Lottery Sambad Today Result 11am is drawn in the Morning. It is also a very famous type named as Nagaland state lottery. This is the 1st chance of winning the Sambad lottery result. If you win this time then very good, if not then do not worry the two chances are still there.

Other, Time for Result declaring is 4.00 PM at Noon. You can check Lottery sambad today result 4pm daily on our website. This is also the second type called the Sikkim State Lottery and the second chance of winning.

The last is lottery sambad today 8pm result, it is uploaded on our website in the evening at 8.00 PM and it is also called Dear lottery sambad. You can download and also view online in both PDF and DBF formats. It is also famous as the Mizoram State Lottery, the type of that lottery system.

Lottery Sambad Results 11:00 AM, 04:00 PM & 08:00 PM PDF Download

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List:

The main thing which attracts people to invest in this lottery is the size of the prize and the number of prize. Like other lotteries in India, the Sambad give prizes to the big number of participants. Defiantly, they can’t give the same prize to every winner.

That’s why the prize has been rank according to the winning ranking. If you win the first prize, you will be reward bigger but if you get the last seat then the prize will be given accordingly.

For an instant, here is the list of winner’s prize list:

  • The winner of the 1st Prize receives 26 Lakhs/- Indian Rupees
  • Winners of the 2nd Prize receives 9000/- Indian Rupees
  • The winners of the 3rd Prize receives 500/- Indian Rupees
  • Winners of the 4th Prize receives 250/- Indian Rupees
  • The winners of the 5th Prize receive 120/- Indian Rupees.

The modern Lottery Sambad:

Today most lotteries are managed by the local government or its subdivisions. Lotteries can be organized in several different formats. Prizes can be cash or product, some organizers announce the prize as a percentage of the revenue so they don’t risk selling too few bets and not having enough funds to cover the prize.

Some lotteries have the raffle format where the stakes are sold with a unique number, but most lotteries give the player the option to choose their own numbers giving the possibility of having more than one winner. Still with different options of number sets and number quantities to choose from.

Sambad Lottery Result File Formats:

New players always getting confused about how to get the results and which is the results format. Today I will clear your confusion completely just stay tuned!. Basically the results are provided here-in two main formats. One is downloadable and the other one is online check format.

You have options here, it’s up to you whether you download the results to your device or check online. For better understanding, I mentioned the file format names and further explanation about them below. Check!

Lottery Sambad PDF:

The most popular Aajkal Lottery Sambad result format is available in PDF. The benefit of this format is that the results are in high quality and easy to save. The file size is very compressed you can easily get access to it via mobile with normal internet. Mostly people like this file format because it is reliable.

Lottery Sambad Online Check:

The online check format is basically a high-definition PNG image which we upload right after the result and their winner announced. If you want to check the results online on the website without download or save it then the image format s best for you. Yes, it is a time saving and easy to check the results format, best for newbies.

Get Lottery Sambad Old Results:

Sometimes you are busy checking the results online and on the next day, you need to check the result of the Lottery. Unfortunately, there are few authentic sources of Lottery Sambad old Results on the internet and our website is proudly one of them. We provide the last previous results if you want to Download the 2020 lottery results you can easily get from our website.

You just need you to locate that page and select the date to download the old results. The Result file will automatically download to our device. All three-time results with both formats are available on Lottery Sambad online website up to the last 1 month. Check the list and get your desiring result by the date.

How to Download Lottery Sambad Today’s PDF Result?

This is the best platform to get the latest updates and news about the Lottery Sambad result. Please visit the above red banners, click on those banners for all daily result updates. With the passage of time, the number of people is increasing who are playing this Sambad lottery game.

Every month, there is a thousand of people or players who are involving in this gaming system. If you are having any trouble with a finding of checking the Sambad result then don’t be sad, just follow our mini instructions and get your result as easy as cake.

So here we want you to read these little but important instructions carefully.

  1. First of all visit the website,
  2. On the very first page, you will see some basic information about the Lottery Sambad result
  3. Now read through the first paragraph of the site and go down while reading about the lottery Sambad
  4. Now on the second heading and paragraph, you will see three different perpendicular maroon banners
  5. Each banner is filled with lottery Sambad result link and will redirect you to the result of the Sambad game
  6. So here you will see, each banner is printed with the name and time of the draw
  7. Now chose your required banner and click on it
  8. Congratulations, you are now able to check your ticket to the resulting list
  9. There you can either check the result on the screen of our website or you can download a copy of the Lottery Sambad result in a PDF format for a record
  10. Just follow these simple instructions to check the live result for the lottery Sambad